Habitat for Humanity, Monroe County, PA



For the 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner of Monroe County Habitat for Humanity, Quiet Light Films, a collaboration between filmmakers Eric S. Rowe and Jordan D. Lewis, developed a comprehensive graphics and film campaign. The graphics were keyed off of the main archival pigment print donation, a special edition large format print of Yellow Tree, by Jordan D. Lewis. QLF developed a concept for the film, which was shown as a featured presentation at the dinner, and posted on line to utilize via social media.

While Habitat for Humanity is largely known for building homes, in Northeastern PA, the greater need is current homeowners struggling to maintain their homes, resulting in the Home Preservation Initiative. In approaching the filming, we discussed the more traditional approach of telling stories of some of the homeowners for whom MCHFH has made the difference, but decided instead to focus on the Volunteers themselves, asking them to share their stories, tell us why they volunteer, and what the idea of "home" means to them.


    October 15, 2014

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    Habitat for Humanity - Monroe County, PA

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    Quiet Light Films