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Pocono Morning is the artistic expression in high definition moving images of care for the extraordinary qualities of the natural world we enjoy around us in the Pocono Mountains. A result of the combined efforts of cinematographers and digital media artists and creator of Quiet Light Films, Jordan D. Lewis and Eric S. Rowe, Pocono Morning is a project that seeks to share this wonder, revealing Nature’s inherent artistic qualities as well as scientific processes, in small vignettes, digital tableaux.

As digital media acquisition and multiple broadcast platforms have enabled artists and media content creators to connect more than ever before with audiences local and worldwide, Quiet Light Films, in partnership with World One River, seeks to share beautiful footage with people at any point in their day, to take a moment, relax, and make an essential connection to our natural world.


    June 16, 2014

  •    Client:

    World One River

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    Quiet Light Films